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Saturday, January 30th at Green Bay Botanical Garden
Good Food for Good Health, Now and for Generations
NEW LEAF FOODS, INC. is an innovative non-profit collaboration among community organizations, family farm and food enterprises, local governments, and educational institutions to improve people’s health in ways that support a sustainable, equitable, and high-quality local food system.

Our Mission:

New Leaf Foods, Inc. supports the health and well-being of individuals and families through healthy food access, education, and cooperation to support local food development in a healthy sustainable environment.

Our Vision:

Good Food for Good Health, Now and for Generations

We support the health and well-being of the people of the Green Bay area and Northeast Wisconsin with programs that educate consumers about healthy food; improve access to healthy food, particularly for underserved populations; and promote local family farm and food enterprise development and cooperation among consumers, producers, and citizens. Our goal is to enhance the ability of consumers to obtain and prepare the good food we need to raise healthy families while sustaining access to good food for good health for generations to come. New Leaf Foods is working collaboratively with New Leaf Market Cooperative to construct a facility that will serve as a healthy community food hub. In the healthy community food hub, New Leaf Food, Inc. will provide programs, resources, education, and research to projects that connect improved access to healthy food for the people of Greater Green Bay to enhanced opportunities for those throughout Northeast Wisconsin who supply our food from farm to table.

We support:
  • Education for Health in a Sustainable Food System
  • Community and Family Gardens
  • Farm to School and Farm to Hospital Programs
  • Community Collaboration to Promote Wellness and Improve Healthy Food Access
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Local Family Farms and Foods Development
  • Farmers Markets

Offering educational programs about where our good food comes from, how it is grown and prepared, and who provides it, New Leaf Foods will improve community health and wellness. Our activities support a healthy community by connecting Green Bay area children and families to local gardeners, farmers, chefs, and family cooks to build a healthy sustainable local food system.  Creating new opportunities for local family farm and food enterprises to supply local consumers will improve access to healthy food for all.

Email us at:
New Leaf Foods, Inc. PO Box 1562 Green Bay, WI 54305

  Future home of New Leaf Foods and New Leaf Market Co-op

We are working to secure a site in the Green Bay area. The plan is to remodel a building or rent space for our Learning Center with its educational and healthy community food activities. Our Learning Center will include a multi-purpose classroom-community meeting and conference space, a demonstration kitchen, and office. The building will also house New Leaf Market Co-op. We are working collaboratively with the co-op to establish a healthy community food hub in our city.

New Leaf Foods is proud to be one of the partners working with Live54218's Farm to School Task Force. Our goal is to promote healthy people by promoting healthy communities, healthy foods and farms, and a healthy environment. Farm to School is a wonderful example of putting this virtuous cycle into practice.

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