2017 FLYER


Norsk Farm is owned and operated by the Olson family, a 7th generation farm practicing grass-based agriculture. Over a 125 years ago their ancestors emigrated from Scandinavia to settle this land in Lena, Wisconsin. Since then, each Olson generation has raised their families and animals here.  They believe that their animals should be able to live in the most natural environment possible and that those conditions will impact food quality in a positive way.

Each year the Olson family opens their farm to New Leaf for a variety activities (and baby animals!) including: 

Pasture walks•Hay rides•Local food vendors•Free refreshments & snacks from Organic Valley•Homemade ice-cream•Working Sheep Dog demonstrations• Square-foot & container gardening•Bee-keeping•Butter making•Educational workshops and more!


June 23th, 2018 @ Norsk Farm      6366 Fredrickson Rd.,  Lena, WI 54139