Communications Team

Media Person
Connect with local news media for TV/Radio spots
Press releases
Community Calendars

Design market materials/flyers/postcards etc.

Flyer and Poster Distribution
Order posters, flyers, post cards, bookmarks for events
Ensure there is an adequate supply of materials
Organize distribution of materials in community.

resource development  Team

Purchasing Coordinator  (filled)

Garden Box Sales Manager  (filled)

Donor/ Sponsor/ Fundraiser Coordinator

Grant Writer

Volunteer Team

Volunteer Recruiter
Recruit, interview and place applicants for volunteer work
Host and attend recruiting events within the community to attract qualified candidates
Work with Marketing and Public Relations and professional associations to publicize opportunities for volunteers
Develop and maintain relationships with other volunteer organizations within the area

Volunteer Communication

Maintains email contact with volunteers to keep up-to-date on the project
Contact interested volunteers / follow up on sign up sheet
Create and distribute various communications and publications
Create and distribute various communications to volunteers
Facilitate distribution of information relevant to volunteers

Liability Coordinator
Make sure we have signed liability forms for all volunteers
Ensure that we have  liability insurance coverage for all volunteers and property
Record driver's license and insurance information

Pep Rally  Coordinator
Prepare pep rally for each day of Blitz

Blitz Events/ After Party Coordinator
Coordinate events/ parties / pot lucks / social events for the the Blitz community during the year to keep people connected
Determine and arrange for the location of the after Blitz party
Solicit food donations for daily Blitz and after party
Organize team to clean up after party

During the weekend of the Blitz, volunteer tasks include assembling, delivering, and installing garden boxes, as well as checking in other volunteers. We welcome anyone interested in getting outside and helping our community. Bring your energy and your shovel, and help us move some dirt!


Send us an email at for more information or call us at (920) 32B-LITZ.


Full position descriptions

​​​​​​​The Green Bay Garden Blitz is a community volunteer effort.

Each year over 100 volunteers have plowed the ground and planted seeds of good food for good health for so many Green Bay families.

122 volunteers installed 108 garden boxes in 2016, making a total of 349 Blitz gardens installed in  the Green Bay area since 2014.  We have installed over 95 of these gardens with social agencies that serve low-income populations,  educational institutions, libraries, schools, and low-income individuals including:  Boys & Girls Club, Veteran’s Manor, UWGB, Brown County Central Library Children’s Garden, Manna For Life Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen,  Golden House, Clarity Care, NeighborWorks, low-income housing sites and 16 local elementary and high schools.

We could not do it without you.