FEB 26th  @  The Neville Public Museum

Film:  Farmers for America

2018 Film Screenings



MAR 20th  @  The Neville Public Museum

Film: Searching for Sustainability


The film looks at the benefits of sustainable farming methods and highlights the positive impact sustainable farming can make on our health and the environment. Viewers will explore how farming impacts land and water through the lens of Emmy Award winning documentarian Dan Bertalan. In the documentary, grazing farmers explain how their practices help them improve land, water, animal health, as well as meat and milk. CAFO farmers also make the case for how their manure management and field preparation practices are sustainable. Conservation professionals and scientists contribute their insights.  

Following the 60-minute screening, viewers can engage with a discussion panel made up of the films’ local executive producers; Deb Pearson, a nutrition professional highlighted in the film; and representatives from a farmers co-op who engage in sustainable animal grazing.

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The average age of the U.S. farmer is 60. 
Half of America's farmland is going to change hands in the next 12 years. 
20% of our food is imported. 
This is the story of young people who are stepping up.