New Leaf Foods, Inc. GOALS

1. Improve Access to Healthy Food
Connect food pantries and schools with local farmers and producers of healthy foods.
Improve community food security, by projects such as community and school gardens, urban agriculture, community-supported agriculture, and farmers markets.
Provide inclusive education, training and leadership opportunities.
Provide educational programs at no or low cost to low-income residents.

2. Promote Wellness
Provide classroom, demonstration kitchen and meeting space for healthy food education programs.
Sponsor educational programs and conferences on nutrition, food preparation, diverse healthy cuisine, growing healthy foods, and sustainable agriculture.
Support farm-to-school and farm-to-institution programs, sponsorship of local food events and fund-raisers, support for community-supported agriculture and farmers markets
Collaborate with wellness programs.

New Leaf Foods supports programs and projects that:

1) promote good food for good health

2) empower local consumers and local family farmers and producers through healthy food education and access;

3) create closer connections between local consumers and local food producers, especially family farmers and producers;

4) sustain the natural environment;

5) work collaboratively with community, civic, business and educational institutions;

6) reflect the diversity of Northeast Wisconsin;

7) include consumers of modest means;

8) practice inclusive excellence and equity; and 9) demonstrate effectiveness.

New Leaf Foods, Inc. believes that equal opportunity, diversity and inclusiveness are important to the success of our mission.  Acting in accordance with state, federal, and municipal laws, New Leaf Foods, Inc. intends to comply with these laws which preclude negative discrimination because of race, disability, color, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, military status, or any other protected classification. This policy applies to all activities of New Leaf Foods, Inc., including but not limited to employment, selection of volunteers, grant-making, purchasing, and selecting vendors or consultants.

3. Build a Thriving Sustainable Local Food System
Promote training, with special emphasis on youth and the underserved, for employment and entrepreneurship in sustainable food system enterprises.
Build coalitions to develop infrastructural supports and policies to sustain healthy, local food development.
Host website and social media to inform about programs, events, resources, and opportunities related to a sustainable food system.
Promote sustainable local food systems projects, including farmers markets, community-supported agriculture, urban agriculture, community gardens, and micro-enterprise kitchen incubator.
Collaborate to support the development of a not-for-profit wholesale local food brokerage.

4. Support a Healthy Natural Environment
Conduct research, networking events, conferences, training, and presentations on relationship between healthy food and a sound environment.
Offer education about how to produce food using sustainable growing, processing, and distribution practices.
Educate about recycling and composting of waste.

5.  Promote Community Development in the Green Bay Area
Offer educational, charitable healthy food projects in downtown Green Bay, and other metro areas with under-served populations.
Create a gathering space for local farmers and consumers, chefs and diners, food educators and learners.