The NEW Food Forum is a New Leaf Foods initiative consisting of food and health businesses and organizations partnering to identify the entities in our working local food system and strengthen the relationships within it.The first project of the NEW Food Forum has become a Local Foods Mapping Project.

Food Mapping Survey

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Hello from the New Leaf Foods​ local food systems team, NEW Food Forum!

NEW Food Forum is a dedicated and engaged group of organizations, institutions, and businesses who want to see a shift in our community to support a resilient, sustainable and equitable local food system. The first project of the NEW Food Forum is the Local Foods Mapping Project. 

If you are participating in this survey, then you and/or your business or organization is currently taking part in our local food system through any of the following ways: 
... growing or distributing or processing local foods
... purchasing food from local growers
... using locally grown food to feed local people
... feeding local people who otherwise lack access to healthy foods
... educating on topics related to local foods
... or working in some other facet of the local foods supply chain!

The purpose of the Local Foods Mapping Project is to connect people and organizations who grow and make food locally with those who use, sell, need and want it, in our local economy. 

Your information will only be used for the purposes of these mapping efforts. We don't request any sensitive data. 

Thank you for your work in our shared local foods economy and for your participation in the Local Foods Mapping Project!
The New Leaf Foods and NEW Food Forum Teams