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Join us for the 5th annual Incredible Edible Garden Tour hosted by New Leaf Foods. Come and learn how Green Bay is growing their food. The purpose of the garden tour is to share techniques & educate the community about building a sustainable food system through urban agriculture.

The urban agriculture movement grows as communities and individuals of neighborhoods, schools, churches, homes and parks turn their green spaces into productive growing plots. We will highlight how people in our neighborhoods are creating a sustainable food system by raising their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. Spend the morning touring selected gardens of the Green Bay area at a self guided schedule.

Saturday, August 6th from 9AM-1PM
A. 9:00 –10:00        Pat O’Hearn and Anita Zipperer, home garden     [4293 Nicolet Drive]

Pat’s vegetable and fruit garden focuses on raised beds for the ease of gardening. With the fruit trees, it has been at the same site for many years and still Pat says he finds a ton of things to learn. “Some stuff does really well in my garden other things just don't want to grow and every year is a new adventure. We pretty much grow most vegetables that you would find in a grocery store because of the garden size.” Pat starts his plants indoor using heirloom varieties and cultivates mostly organically.

B. 9:45—10:45    St Philip’s Garden     [312 Victoria Street]

“St. Phillip’s Garden was started in 2009 by a team of master gardener volunteers who have rotated seasonally and continued to maintain and support the garden plot. Our theme is “gardening in small places” and we mainly use raised beds. The produce goes to St. Bernard’s Pantry and this year we are focusing on salsa gardening. St Philip’s Church has over 400 hispanic families and we will be utilizing some of their fantastic salsa recipes as we harvest the bounty.”

C.10:30 – 11:30    5th Street No-Till Community Garden     [621 5th Street]

The 5th Street No-Till Garden is the most recent addition to the Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens Program's 5th Street Community Garden. Started in 2015 as a trial to experiment with the increasingly popular no-till garden method, this garden now includes eight no-till rows rented to three community members who work together to continue to maintain and develop the space.

D. 11:15 - 12:15     Alissa Lick, master gardener home garden     [1412 Cormier Road]

​“Our home is one of the oldest in Ashwaubenon, we were told it was built in 1875.  Our lot is one full acre.  As soon as we saw this house and land we knew we had to buy it.  That was in 2009, there was no garden and we felt we needed to bring back the farm that is was meant to be.  Starting with just one little plot and a couple of raspberry sticks.  We have grown into a variety of different vegetables, fruit trees, berries, grapes, and an spiral herb garden.  Each year we plan on expanding and growing along with all of our plants.”

E. 12:00– 1:00    Brian Piechocki, home garden​     [2594 Misty River Lane]

“Our garden truly is an edible garden featuring vegetables, an orchard, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and a pond.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in season along with freezing and pressure canning allow us to enjoy our garden’s harvest all year long.  And since we don’t use pesticides or herbicides, not only is our food healthy but it is safe too.”

Bonus Gardens 9:00-11:00      
The Production Farm  [Bellin Building, Rooftop 122 E Walnut Street], started by group of teenagers all connected through the foster care system have come together to design, build and plant the rooftop garden all while filming themselves in the process to create a reality television show about their journey.

UW Extension Vegetable Garden  [1150 Bellevue Street], is maintained by a different group of master gardeners every season. It’s an easily accessed, educational garden with several raised beds set up in a culinary theme. There are garden beds representing Italian, French and Southeast Asian cuisines. Don’t miss the covered trellis covered in scarlet and sunset runner beans, and interesting, repurposed materials incorporated throughout the space.

This event is free and open to the public.

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Norsk Farm is owned and operated by the Olson family, a 7th generation farm practicing grass-based agriculture. Over a 125 years ago their ancestors emigrated from Scandinavia to settle this land in Lena, Wisconsin. Since then, each Olson generation has raised their families and animals here.  They believe that their animals should be able to live in the most natural environment possible and that those conditions will impact food quality in a positive way.

Each year the Olson family opens their farm to New Leaf for a variety activities (and baby animals!) including: 

Pasture walks•Hay rides•Local food vendors•Free refreshments & snacks from Organic Valley•Homemade ice-cream•Working Sheep Dog demonstrations• Square-foot & container gardening•Bee-keeping•Butter making•Educational workshops and more!